Yoga Fly: A new, fresh and fun way of exercising and practicing yoga.

What is Yoga Fly?

Yoga Fly is a dance inspired approach to aerial yoga. It is combining the benefits of the world’s finest methods such as traditional Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Aerial Acrobatics.


It is a workout that integrates and profoundly mobilizes full body and mind in a holistic way. By practicing Yoga Fly, you empower yourself to maintain your physical fitness while balancing your mind.

Yoga Fly puts high focus and commitment on proper alignment, preventing common injuries that can occur with most other aerial fitness methods.

What is BFIA – Body Fly International Academy?

Since 2013, Body Fly International Academy is recognized as a leading organization in regards to education, training and development of a Dance and Pilates inspired approach to aerial Yoga and Fitness.


The purpose of Body Fly International Academy is to develop aerial fitness activities throughout the world in favor of class participants, instructors and our affiliated centers.


The Body Fly International Academy for Professionals (BFIA) is an association that offers professional training and promotes:

  1. The professional international development of aerial fitness practice by relying on very specific criteria and training content.
  2.  To standardize procedures for training and education so that  practitioners receive the same quality of training regardless of the center where they practice.
  3. To develop an international professional network of instructors and high level facilities, every one of them offering a controlled high-quality training. This is not only in favor of occasional practitioners, but also in favor of the trainers of facilities who are offering this activity.

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