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affiliating your Center

Owning your own Body Fly Center is a great business opportunity and can lead you to a meaningful and well-balanced life and to achieving your career goals. You’ll have the benefits of an international brand and a strong corporate team to support you, plus the independence and satisfaction of owning your own local business.

Benefits of becoming an affiliated Center:

In terms of marketing:

  • To benefit from both, technical and professional support in the establishment of the activity within your existing studio, and from assistance in the transformation of your center,
  • To display your center as a high quality and innovative center.
  • To add to your additional offer an activity in full swing with a huge potential for growth,
  • To specialize your center,
  • To offer your clients and partners a very high and evolutional training standard,
  • To become a referenced partner, a privileged representative in your country and with the official bodies,
  • To benefit from support in regards to the opening and promotion of your studio project nationally and internationally,
  • To benefit from greater visibility,
  • To join the large international community of Body Flyers.

In terms of professional training:

  • To benefit from professional training support,
  • To benefit from a wide range of instructors who have all received the same quality of training thanks to BFIA Team training standards,
  • Not worry about training your instructors and assistants, whether in terms of teaching methodology, nor in terms of the management of your center: BFIA does it for you,
  • To have extremely qualified trainers,
  • To allow youth and future trainers (assistants) benefit from the experience of older trainers,
  • To allow assistants to quickly move up the career-ladder,

In terms of clients:

  • To offer to your customers the highest standard of education and training that exists internationally,
  • To issue each member a monitoring logbook starting at the first “White Wings” level. This allows each center to follow the progress of its clients and strengthens customer loyalty,
  • To offer your customers the opportunity to be part of an international network and practice Body Fly anywhere in the world in an affiliated center,
  • To enable your client to see his/her level recognized internationally,
  • To allow your client to continue to train throughout his/her practice, regardless of the country where he is located,
  • To become a member from the first session at your Body FlyersÒ international community center.

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